Services & Pricing

At Rock Paper Hair we keep you comfortable and safe in our private studio. We go above and beyond AHS and government guidelines to give our clients peace of mind

A Private, Relaxing Environment 

When you are in my chair, you will always receive my undivided attention! I only ever take one guest at a time and I do not double book.


Colouring Experiences

All colouring services include a gloss pull through, haircut or treatment and blowout with styling.  Prices are starting points and may increase based on hair length, density and amount of product required. 


Classic Beauty

A single, all - over global colour.


A classic solid root colour or grey coverage. 


Sunkissed Classic 

A single, all - over global colour with a few foils.  


A classic beauty with 5 -7 foils around the hairline for brightness and dimension. 



A  Touch of Colour

A partial, half head of foils.


Typically usually around the face and through the top partline.

$170 +

Pair with a root coverage ($20+) for our most popular service

Lighter and Brighter 

A full, complete head of foils.  

Foils packed in, compact and throughout the entire head. 

$195 +


Balayage Bombshell


A Blended, multiple colour melt.


Balayge is Also known as ombre, and can encompass any number of techniques such as teasy lights, baby lights, hand painting or gradient toning. For looks where the root is darker and the ends are lighter. 



Add Ons 

Root Shadow or coverage 

Hand Paint Ends 

Additional colour(s)

extra bowl(s) of product 

Thick/Long hair

Eyebrow Tint







All colouring services include either a haircut or deep conditioning treatment depending on the needs of your hair.

As a colour specialist, I am not accepting new haircut only clients. I do not offer stand alone haircut services, all haircuts must be paired with a colour.